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The Citizens Assemblies are our last chance to save our future.

We will do whatever it takes to give the power back to the people of the United Kingdom.

We do not seek personal gain, fame or financial reward of any sort.

Once we win the elections and the Citizens Assemblies are in place we are out.

So we rely on donations and membership fees to pay our way, advertise and help volunteers with their expenses.



We do. And that's why we demand that...

Face facts, they aren't gonna sort this mess out. They get paid by big bullies, and won't bite the hand that feeds 'em. They need us; we don't need them.
There ain't time left for messing around.

Local, general, ALL.
They've had their shot and failed.
Vote for the solution: sack them all. Forever.
Time to move on.

Citizens Assemblies. Direct deliberative democracy. Like juries but bigger and replaced every few months. Representing the people not the elite. Unifying not dividing. With autonomy and authority. By the people, for the people. You decide.



We'll keep you updated with any upcoming meetings and events